04 Mar

Whether through the eyes of customers, the media, employees, suppliers or the local community it is essential that your Public Relations is taken care of to make sure your small or medium business is seen in the best possible light and that light is as bright as it can be. We will turn your customer stories into your best PR 

There’s a saying that goes “advertising is what you pay for, publicity is what you pray for.” But at Lojix we believe in taking control of going out and getting good publicity on behalf of our clients. We do this through clever advertising campaigns, making sure you have prominent feedback from positive customer experiences featured on your site and keeping the design of your site in tip-top condition. 

If there were such a thing as a 3-sided coin then PR, Marketing and Advertising really would belong on such a coin. Whether we pay for media coverage (advertising) or earn media coverage (PR), either way we will make sure that the story ties in with your Brand image and shines a light on your hard earned reputation.

Earned praise is better than self-praise PR-related coverage is almost 90% more effective than advertising-related coverage (Nielsen, 2014). This comes back to how all our minds work. After all advertising involves telling people how fantastic you are, publicity involves others singing your praises. Human nature dictates we trust the latter more.

That’s not to say advertising cannot be very effectiveIt just needs creativity, data and good storytelling. 

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